More Winter Teen Business Ideas

Still searching for a winter teen business idea that's the right fit for you when working for yourself?

winter teen business

Think holidays! There is so much to do during this time of year that everyone wishes they had a few extra hands. Take advantage of that need - and provide a service to match. Here are some ideas for a winter teen business:

  • Decorating service: Decorating can be personal, but many people would be happy to have help getting the tree up with lights - even if they put the ornaments on. You can also sort other lights and decorations to make things easier when the customers do their own decorating. If you are really creative, you can do the whole house. This works best if you can show potential customers examples of what you can do or have done - even if it's in your own house.
  • Afternoons out for parents: Provide a mini-babysitting service so parents can shop or decorate. Offer it in two-hour blocks on Saturday or Sunday. Consider small crafts, snacks and easy games to keep everyone entertained.
  • Party assistant: Many people have parties or open houses during the holiday season. And who wouldn't love to have a little extra help keeping goodies stocked and cleaning? Offer your services for setting up, serving and cleaning up afterwards.
  • Cookie baker: People love cookies - but not the time it can take to bake them. Put your baking skills to use! Offer a couple of specialty cookies and take orders. Package them for transport so they can be taken to the office or served at a party. If you can, offer delivery service for a small additional fee.

If you want some fresh air as part of your winter teen business, consider these ideas:

  • Shoveling snow: In some areas, you will have so much snow, you won't be able to help everyone who tries to hire you. In other areas, there's not much snow at all. So - if you are going to be shoveling snow, make sure there's going to be some!
  • Winter landscaping help: Depending on your geography and the weather, there are still outdoor landscaping things to be done. Mother Nature works year-round. Clear out dead plants and those last leaves of fall to make homeowners' yards look tidy. Put down fertilizer or lay down mulch to provide a healthy soil for spring plants.
  • Organize garages: It's not exactly outside, but it's close. Organize shelves and take inventory to make sure homeowners have the right winter supplies and can get to them.

Those are just some things you can do during the winter while working for yourself. If you need other teen job ideas - working for yourself or someone else - check out these pages: