Why Is Customer Service Important?

Learning About Money

Why is customer service important?

Opportunities for teaching kids about customer service abound. If you do it right, your kids can grow up to be customer service experts.

Here are three reasons why you should teach your kids about the importance of good customer service.

#1 - Be an Empowered Consumer

At the most basic level, kids who recognize the difference between good customer service and bad will grow up to be better consumers.

The customer-merchant relationship is like any relationship. It needs to be based on mutual respect. A big part of that is self-respect. And a customer with self-respect, no matter how young, will:

  • Recive better customer experiences
  • Save money
  • Get more value for his or her money

#2 - Be a Successful Entrepreneur

A business exists for one reason only - to trade value (primarily through products, services, or information designed to make the lives or interests of others easier and/or more enjoyable) for some form of monetary compensation.

A business enterprise is successful only to the degree that it provides value to others. At the heart of this basis is customer service.

So in this context, customer service is more than just being friendly to your customers. It's a proactive proposition - finding, creating, providing, and communicating the greatest value possible to your potential customers.

#3 - Be a More Valuable and Successful Employee

Obviously, not every kid grows up to be an entrepreneur or an employer. But the earlier one recognizes why customer service is important to the business owner (and the business itself), the better the foundation is for becoming a better employee.

And an employee who learns to identify and then provide value to a customer (and more importantly, why doing so is critical) simultaneously provides it to his or her employer as well.

The result?

Greater rewards, responsibilities, and opportunities will follow (and if they don't, there will always be great demand and opportunities somewhere else for those employees who really get why and how to provide value to customers).