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Teen Job Tips

Teen job tips can help you with all the aspects of your first job. These tips help you get answers to some of your questions. How do you find employers? And then how do you get hired? What if you want quit the job you have?

teen job tips
All good questions. And, honestly, questions many adults also have.

Starting the job search
Does it feel like there are "Help Wanted" signs everywhere - except when you need a job? You need to find employers who offer the type of jobs for teens you would like. And what to consider to make this job the best fit for both of you.

Landing the job
You've found an employer - now you just need to get hired. Are there things you can do to shine? We've got information on how to do just that whether it's a seasonal job or one you plan to keep year-round.

Keeping the job
Employers who hire teens don't typically have layoffs - unless they started out in seasonal jobs or temporary jobs. Still, people do get fired. Here's how to be a solid employee that the boss can depend on.

Leaving the job
Not every job will work out. This can be due to school conflicts, new family commitments or because the job just a bad fit. Whatever the scenario, you need to leave on a professional note. We show how with these tips for leaving the job.

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