Teen Entrepreneur Quiz:
Are You Ready for Your Own Teen Business?

Starting your own teen business can sound like the perfect plan. It can also sound a little scary. How do you figure out if you would make a good teen entrepreneur? Start out by asking yourself some basic questions with this teen entrepreneur quiz.

  • Are you a self-starter? There are a number of things that make a good entrepreneur but this may be the most important one. When you have your own business, there is no boss telling you when to work and how to do it. It is up to you. If you do not have the motivation to make yourself work in your business, no one else is going to be there to make you do it.
  • Do you have the support of your family? Starting your own business can be hard work. You need to have the support of your parents to make this work. They can be great to bounce ideas off of and even help you manage the different parts of your teen business.
  • Do you relate well with others? This is really about how you will interact with your customers - not about having employees or partners. You need to be able to understand their wants and needs and how your business can help meet those things. Having good interpersonal skills also helps you establish relationships overall. Those can turn into future customers or referrals.
  • Can you stick to it? It can take time to build your business. You can't try it for a week (or even a month) and call it quits because it is not working out. This is a big difference between being a teen entrepreneur and working for someone else. When you work for someone else, it is easier to know what to expect. You know when you walk in and punch the time clock what you will be doing. It just doesn't take as much effort to stick to a job as it does to your own business.
  • Are you willing to work hard? This does not mean that you will be working day and night. Any business that you choose should fit in with your life - school, friends, sports. It does mean, though, that you might have to work harder than if you were going to a fast-food restaurant for a shift. That is mostly because you are doing everything in your business - not just making french fries.

If you can answer all or most of these questions positively, being a teen entrepreneur may be for you. If you need to do a little more digging, check out this more detailed teen entrepreneur quiz. You don't need to be able to answer all of the questions "yes" - but this will give you more ideas of what is involved.

If you are ready to move forward, get started on your teen business plan here.

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