Teen Chore Contract Supplement

Adding to a Contract

Teen chore contracts can be a great way to establish the ongoing and steady chores for teens. But what if you have added family chores - or seasonal chores - and you don't want to redo the chore contract?

A chore contract supplement can be the answer.

A contract supplement is really just a fancy way of saying an add-on to your original chore contract. An add-on can be used to add teen chores that are extra for a certain period of time or just to help the teen earn extra money (if that's an option). Plus, it keeps you from having to go back and rewrite the whole contract each time something out of the ordinary comes up.

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But that's really the only difference between the supplement and the original chore contract. The other basic parts of the agreement are the same and will likely include:

  • What: Which chores will be done - this is really just the chore list itself.
  • When:Timing of the chores. Are they daily? Weekly? Some of both?
  • Where: Where the chores get done. This might all get covered in the "what" section. For example "clean bedroom" is both what and where.
  • Why: Why the chores are being done. This could include how much allowance or pay goes with each teen chore. Or what privileges are earned (or can be taken away) for each chore.
  • How: How each chore is to be done. This is where the parent and teen definitions of "clean" can be ironed out.

One thing that might be different from the original contract is that the teen chore contract add-on might end on a certain date.

For example, if you live in a snow prone area, and you do a supplemental chore contract that is meant to cover winter snow shoveling, then you can write it to end on March 31st (hopefully!). You can also leave it open-ended and then just revisit it when chores move into the next season or when it is no longer needed.

If you have already done a chore contract, doing this add-on will be no big deal. And it can give you some more flexibility in your teen chore program. To get you started, here is a blank contract supplement plus a a completed contract supplement example to see how you might use it.

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