Best Summer Jobs for Teenagers:
Be an Entrepreneur!

Looking for summer jobs for teenagers - ones where you call the shots and have more control over the hours? Not interested in working for someone else? Or just wanting to use this as a time to explore a business idea?

summer jobs for teenagers

Working for yourself has a number of advantages - if you are self-motivated and willing to make it work. Here are some suggestions that focus on outdoor work since it has some of the best jobs for teens in the summertime.

Best self-employed summer jobs for teenagers

  • Summertime special kids' afternoons or nights. Plan weekly or twice-monthly nights for groups of kids (5-10 depending on age and activity) to give parents a break. Have a theme (crafts, easy recipes, water fun) and be sure to stick to your planned nights. Parents will appreciate having a babysitter without having to book an appointment.
  • Parent's helper. This is not just babysitting. This job can be whatever you make of it and can include running errands (if you have a car), housecleaning, laundry and helping out with parties. You can also market yourself as a summer helper for parents who have school-age kids and find themselves needing help with the kids when school is out.
  • Party planner/organizer. Party planning - from beginning to end - can take loads of time. Time that working adults or parents with children around all of the time may not have. Offer party planning services that fit your customers' needs: invitation addressing and sending; party set up; serving assistance; and clean up. Be sure to focus on those things that you can do well - and not offer those that you can't. For instance, don't include cake decorating if you don't have experience.
  • Website design and maintenance. It's not as hard as it sounds. If you are like many teens, you probably already have a Myspace or Facebook page. It's not too much of stretch from there to building a website. It can be one that focuses on your interests or you can provide services to local businesses. Here is the best choice we've found for building, hosting, you name it!

  • Students

  • Car washing and detailing. Everyone likes to have a clean car. Sometimes it even seems like they drive better when they are clean! This job takes minimal skill, other than attention to detail, and few supplies. If you are willing to take the service to your customers, you may be able to build a weekly or bi-weekly customer list.
  • Eco-friendly landscaping. Do you like making yards beautiful with plants and flowers? Do you have or are you willing to learn eco-friendly practices for planting, fertilizing and mulching? Then maybe landscaping is for you. Most homeowners like the look of landscaping but just don't have the time to either plant it or maintain it. Come up with a list of services and prices. Advertise yourself as environmentally friendly (and stick to it). Doing great work is your best advertisement your customers' neighbors!
  • Lawn service. Not glamorous certainly - but well-paying? Definitely. These can be a physically intensive jobs for teens that requires at least a lawn mower. Ideally, you can use a mower that you already own (with your parents' permission) otherwise you could spend your summer earnings paying for the equipment. Be sure to keep in mind that using heavy equipment and certain power tools can be dangerous - potentially making it one of the worst summer jobs for teenagers.
Now that you have some entrepreneurial ideas on best summer jobs for teenagers - what else can you think of?

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