Seasonal Winter Jobs for Teens

Looking for seasonal winter jobs and job ideas for teenagers? Winter, at least in the United States, can offer many seasonal jobs opportunities thanks to the holiday season. Nearly every employer has jobs for teens. This page contains resources on where to find those jobs.

Seasonal Winter Job Opportunities for Teenagers

seasonal winter jobs for teens
  • Retail employment: Many retailers need more employees during the busy shopping season. Consider electronic stores, department stores, discount stores, toy stores, and any number of stores at the local mall. The trick is matching the employer with a teen's own interests. For example, teens who are really into clothing and fashion and like high energy environments might consider specialty stores like American Eagle Outfitters or Forever 21. These types of stores usually have jobs for teens - and prefer to hire them since they are more familiar with the customers.
  • Gift wrapping: If a teen isn't interested in sales, there are still opportunities in the retail space. Many retailers and shopping centers offer gift wrapping services for customers who buy in their stores. This is one of the true seasonal jobs that you are likely only to find during the holidays.
  • Restaurants: Shoppers get hungry while they are out running all those holiday errands. Add that to kids on vacation and other holiday travelers, and you have restaurants in need of help.
  • Seasonal stores: Some shopping centers have stores that only open for the Christmas season. These can be for decorations or specialty gift items. Since they are only open for a short time, they have only seasonal jobs and hire each year instead of relying on staff already on hand.
  • Winter outdoor sports: Depending on the young job seeker's geographical location, a seasonal job involving winter outdoor sports and recreation could be a possibility. Some examples might include ice rinks or even a ski area. Each of these need athletic (and often younger) employees so these are often popular jobs for teens.
  • Indoor sports areas: If a teenager likes sports but isn't into working in cold weather? With outside activities being more limited, people are choosing to go to indoor activities. Rock climbing facilities and indoor swimming pools may need more help.

You can also add your own ideas to this list? Are there small stores in your area that use help during extended holiday hours or special promotions? Look for the unique opportunities to increase your chances of finding the best winter teen employment.