Lemonade Stand:
The Classic Kid Business

Nothing beats ice-cold lemonade in the summer! And people love to buy it from a kids' lemonade stand. It might be parents running errands or other kids riding bikes or playing ball. Everyone needs a refreshing drink! Add that to the money lessons that can be learned, and you've got a great business for kids.

lemonade stand

So, how do kids provide great products and service while making money? With a good plan and a little help from Mom and Dad. There are some short steps to a successful lemonade stand. Here are the highlights of having lemonade for sale.


  • Figure out if you are doing this for your own business or for charity. The answer to this question may impact how you handle the rest of the steps!
  • Determine the location: Focus on safety and good foot traffic.
  • Plan the stand: How is your stand going to be constructed? What are you going to sell? What will the prices be?
  • Get the supplies: It pays to be prepared and well-stocked.
  • Take a look at our checklist to get going in the right direction.
  • Pick the date: This could depend on where you will be located - especially if you are planning it to coincide with neighborhood events, ball games or picnics. Be sure to check the weather, too!
  • Make the signs: Signs are needed for your stand as well as to direct customers your way. Make sure they can be read from a distance and lead the way. Get some hints on signs that do the job.


  • Set up the stand: Make sure it's sturdy enough to handle the supplies you plan to place on it as well as customers leaning on it. See our Custom Stand page for ideas.
  • Mix the recipes: Traditional lemonade? Other flavors? What about green lemonade?
  • Put out the signs: The signs should be easy to see by your customers. It is a good idea to have someone help you by looking at your sign from various angles before you hang it up. Don't worry about having something fancy. A simple "Lemonade For Sale" sign can do the trick.

Open up your stand and have a blast! If you think you have one of the best stands then pop on over to and submit your entry. Also, don't forget to share your lemonade stand pictures and stories with other visitors.

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