The Well-Stocked
Lemonade Stand

Having your lemonade stand supplies in order can make all the difference in how smoothly your kids' lemonade stand runs.

There are basic things every stand must have. Then there are the extras - the "wow!" factor - that impress the customers. One of the best ways to get organized and make sure that it's all covered is to have a checklist.

Must Haves
The supplies you must have will make the job easier and the customers happier. Being ready to go shows good business sense and that you are thinking about your customers. Here's what you must have.

  • Cups: paper, plastic or styrofoam. What type you select can depend on the cost, how much you want to charge and what your customers will expect
  • Napkins: handy for spills and for any treats you might sell with your lemonade
  • Ice and a cooler to keep it in: It's best to add the ice just before you pour the drink so that the drink is as fresh as possible
  • Pitchers: at least two and more if there is more than one type of lemonade
  • Lemonade: how many kinds are going to be served? We have some great green lemonade recipe options if you need ideas
  • Water: for making more lemonade and for customers who might just need a drink
  • Signs: both for the booth and for directing traffic to your stand's location
  • Price list: this is especially important if several items are being sold. If there is only one product and one size, pricing can be included on the sign

Nice touches
With the must haves under control, you can move on to the extras to give your customers a little more for their visit. Try one or more of these suggestions.
  • Fresh lemon slices: pre-cut slices are handier and safer than slicing as you go. Slices can be cut and stored in plastic bags in the ice cooler
  • Frozen fruit pieces: these can be used like ice cubes and can be matched to any additional flavors of lemonade being served. For example, frozen strawberries can be added to strawberry lemonade.
  • Plastic bags for cookies or other treats: if you are selling treats, having something to give your customers to carry their purchases in can make them more likely to buy - or buy more
  • Cups with lids and straws: customers can be drawn to this option - and pay more for it - because it is convenient and less messy. It's especially attractive for parents with small kids
  • Flyers for your biz: Want to make this a summer job? Advertise to the customers!

Any of the add-ons above can be included in the base price of the drink or they can be priced separately. Either way can work depending on your customers. Just be sure to include the cost of these options in your pricing or you'll spend more on supplies than you make.

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