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Get Lemonade Stand Signs!

It would be great if everyone knew where to find your kids' lemonade stand without lemonade stand signs. If you can't count on that, it's time to get your sign-making supplies out to point those customers in the right direction.

What does a good lemonade stand sign have? It depends...

  • ...on the location and how much traffic you would get without the signs.
  • ...on how close your customers will get to your sign. They will need to be able to read it from a little distance if you are outside. If you are inside, this won't matter as much because it's easier to get close to read the sign.
  • ...on how much advertising you want to do on your signs. Signs at your kids' lemonade stand can have more drawings or pictures than those that are near the street.
  • ...on how much you want to spend on your signs. You can have good quality and easily readable signs using a black marker and posterboard. Or you can spend more money on lemonade stand signs that are printed by a local print shop. The print shop signs may survive more uses and ultimately cost less per use if you have a lemonade stand often. But if you are unsure on whether this is the business for you, start small and inexpensive.

Once you've answered the questions on what you need your lemonade stand signs to do, you can move on to selecting the actual signs. Make sure you include the following items depending on your stand location.

  • The words "Lemonade Stand" - it pays to be direct!
  • Clear lettering - black on white works best. It can be easily seen and read in all types of daylight and at varying distances.
  • Large lettering that can be seen from the street or from the sidewalk on the other side of the street.
  • Arrows if you need to direct customers down streets or aisles. It can be tempting to write out the directions (left on Jefferson, right on Franklin), but those are hard to see on posted signs. Written directions may work well for flyers, however.
  • A pricing chart within plain sight at your stand. If you are only selling cups of lemonade, it can something as simple as a sign that says "Lemonade - $0.50 per cup."

Focus on getting the basics right first. You can get creative as you move forward. Not only does this help ensure the most traffic at the start, it should also help you keep costs down while you determine how long you want to be in the lemonade stand business.

Need some ideas? Try these free downloadables.

Right click to download a sign with a right arrow.
Right click to download a sign with a left arrow.
Right click to download a lemonade for sale sign.
Right click to download a lemonade by the cup price sign.
Right click to download a lemonade for sale sign in a different font.

You can use these to create your own lemonade stand signs by printing them out and putting them on posterboard, hanging them as they are, or just using them to inspire your own signs.

Once you have your signs made and hung, be sure to take a test run through the path where you hung them. Ideally, have someone come with you who didn't help with hanging them up. They may have some ideas on whether the signs would be better in a different spot. have the lemonade stand signs ready to go. Still not sure about the location? Do you have your other preparations done? Be sure to review these pages on location, a supply checklist, and green lemonade recipes so you can really impress your customers!

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