Finding the Best
Lemonade Stand Location

Is your lemonade stand location important? You bet!

Location, location, location.
This main business principle applies to lemonade stands, too. So, while nearly everyone thinks of kids' lemonade stands at the end of their own driveway, there are other options.

The key to finding a great lemonade stand location is to locate a safe site with plenty of foot traffic. The best things to look for?

  • Space for at least three people to operate the stand (ideally, a parent, the child selling and one additional helper). This is in addition to the space that the lemonade stand itself and all the supplies that come with it will require.
  • A spot that is in an area where there are lots of people. This is both for safety and for sales.
  • Places where the foot traffic will be high without relying on people to get out of their cars. Never approach a car to make a sale.
  • Plenty of space for the customers to wait for their order - and to form a line for the excellent products!
  • Shade or the ability to bring your own to your lemonade stand. It will make keeping all the food and drink supplies usable much easier...and the sales force much happier.

And what about that foot traffic if you don't live in a large neighborhood where a stand will draw customers automatically? You might just need to get a little more creative and go where the customer are! Places like:

  • Local parks. Is weekend traffic higher - especially if there is a playground? Are there any special events, such as baseball or soccer games or local festivals?
  • Church events. Some churches have weekly gatherings after worship or casual gatherings during the week. This may not even require much set up if the church kitchen or other facilities can be used.
  • Grocery stores. Can a lemonade stand be set up in the produce department - next to the lemons, perhaps? Or, can your stand be set up outside with some produce brought out for display? This is a win-win for you and the store!
  • Swimming pool. Even if the pool has its own concession stand, they may not sell lemonade. If you can't sell it directly to the customers, it may be possible to sell it to the pool concession stand in batches each day or one day a week on their heaviest traffic days (Saturday, for example). This option could turn into a weekly lemonade stand without all the setup and sign-posting of your own stand.
  • Neighborhood garage or yard sales. Small (and large) neighborhoods or subdivisions sometimes coordinate all yard sales for one day or weekend with the idea that more people will come if there are more sales. Use this to your advantage! Where you may not get many customers if there is only one sale, you could get many more with the increased traffic - especially if the lemonade stand can be positioned in a prime location...maybe even in your own yard!

Be sure to investigate several options for your lemonade stand location and perhaps use a couple of them. Going outside the comfort of your own neighborhood may mean that parents need to assist in getting permission.

Of course, parental supervision during the operation of the stand itself is always a good idea - and it makes the customers feel good about the product and service. Being involved in the planning and permission process is a part of this process and helps ensure that safety is a prime consideration in determining the lemonade stand location.

Got the spot all picked out? Get your supply checklist out and then move on to designing your stand and making your signs.

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