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Welcome to the Kids' Allowance page, your online resource for establishing and maintaining the best allowance plan for you and your child.

A kid's allowance is usually the first regularly scheduled payment a child receives.

Birthday or holiday money is too sporadic (and usually too large) to really give them a good sense of how to manage money. But childhood allowances are a great way to start their money management education. And parents can be the best teachers.

Kids' Allowance Resources and Pages

kids allowance - allowance basics for kids

Allowance Basics for Kids - Learn why kids need an allowance and the advantages they gain from receiving one.

Average Allowances for Kids - What's the average allowance kids and teens receive? Are you paying too much? Too little?

When Should Kids Get an Allowance? - What's the best time to begin giving your child an allowance? What's the purpose of an allowance to begin with, and what are your expectations?

Allowance Schedule for Kids - How often should a kid receive an allowance? Weeklly? Bi-Weekly? Monthly?

How Much Should My Child's Allowance Be? Determing how much to pay your child is closely connected to the issue of what you expect kids to pay for with their own allowance? It's important to determine and communicate this ahead of time. Not only is it fair to your child, it also helps teach important money management skills.

Should Kids Have to Save or Tithe? - Should parents require savings or tithing from an allowance? How much control should you exert over your child's finances in order to instill your own personal values?

Allowance for Chores? - Should your child or teen's allowance be tied to chores or a chore program?

Advances on Allowances - Is it ever OK to allow your child to take an advance against his or her upcoming allowance? What are the guidelines and potential pitfalls?

Losing an Allowance - Should you ever rescind or take away an allowance?

What Can Kids Spend Their Allowance On? - Should your child be allowed to use the allowance any way he or she wants to? How much guidance and control should you use in teaching sound money management principles?

Allowances for Young Children - Ready to begin giving your young child an allowance? The traditional way to figure out how much allowance a young kid should get is based on their age. But it should also include thoughts as to what the child is expected to pay for on his or her own - and what costs you, as the parent, are still going to cover. Here are some guidelines, ideas, and suggestions to get you started.

Youth Allowance - What's the best allowance for the tween crowd? As your child grows and assumes more responsibility, don't overlook the opportunity to teach greater money responsibility. Once your child gets to be an older tween, they want more money freedom. And with that can come an increased youth allowance. But how do you figure out what to include and what still needs to be covered by you? Check out this page for guidelines and tips for this age group.

Teen Allowance - Learn to navigate the complicated territory of teen allowances. How much should you pay and what are the groundrules? When your kids get to be teens, it's time for an even broader approach. They want (and need) to be in more control of their own money. This means that there are other things to be considered in developing their allowance amount - including whether they should have one at all.

Other Allowance for Kids Resources - See a collection of some of the best allowance books and other resources available online.