Kid Gift Ideas -
and Some For Teens, Too!

This page is for those researching kid gift ideas or teen gift ideas.

Are you looking for different kid gift ideas - something not commercial? That's not to say that it needs to be homemade. Between the sometimes fickle tastes and busy schedules, making gifts from scratch isn't always in the cards. But keeping an eye on Christmas spending can be easier with a little creativity.

Here are some fun kid and teen gift ideas that can ease the Christmas spending stress...and are a little outside the box!

Special interest gifts
Does your kid or teen have a special interest? Horses? Soccer? A favorite movie or book series? These can be fuel behind the kid gift ideas that you need.

It's best to look for something a little out of the ordinary in combination with the special interest. Keeping in mind your budget, consider some of the following twists:

  • Tickets to an event or performance
  • An autographed picture from a favorite performer (usually available through a fan club)
  • An hour of horseback riding at a local arena
  • A half hour lesson from a golf pro or an hour at the driving range
  • A self-made coupon to take them to the local indoor pool or skate park for an hour or two - this costs little more than your time usually

The more personal the special interest and the gift, the more meaning it can have for you and them. It means you took the time to really think about them and what they like.

Theme gifts
If you're not feeling the special interest vibe (or just don't know), think about theme gifts as either kid gift ideas or teen gift ideas. This can be a theme per child or across the kids in the family or on your gift list. What makes a good theme? Anything! Here are some ideas.

  • Winter sports fun. This will only work if you live in an area that gets snow so keep that in mind. But if you do...Consider plastic snow disks or inflatable snow innertubes along with thick socks, lip balm that clips to a coat and hot chocolate (for warming up). All of these can be found at a local dollar or discount store.
  • Lights, camera, action. Nearly every kid or teen I know enjoys taking pictures - of nearly everything. Indulge it with a disposable camera, a picture frame or two with fun frames and a small photo album. These items, too, can usually all be picked up at a local dollar or discount store.
  • Games, games, games. Get classic board games, including some in travel sizes, plus popcorn and sode to make a game package. Also consider some of the new DVD versions of these same classics as a tech-twist on your favorites. If it works (depending on who the kids or teens are), add your own coupons or calendar with scheduled family game nights.
  • Savings and investing. Using other information on our website or know a teen with a job of their own that is ready for more? Consider investing the gift money in a share of stock, opening a savings account or buying a classic investing book. This is a good gift no matter what the market is doing. These kids are going to be saving and investing for the long-term future.

What themes can you think of? Does the kid or teen in your life have a special event coming up? Is there a gift that can support them in that event?

Kid gift ideas...teen gift ideas...Christmas spending ideas for both the kids and teens. What's stopping you from finding a unique gift idea for the kid on your list?

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