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Welcome to the Jobs for Teens page, containing resources, tips, ideas, and more designed to demystify and de-stress the teen employment landscape. Jobs for teenagers, especially in today's environment, can be difficult to find. This page can help not only with the teen job search, but also on how to thrive as an employee once that job has been found.

Teen jobs seem like they can be easy to come by, until the teen job search actually begins. There are the teenagers that can walk into a store and come out with a job. Then there are those that seem to look for a job for months with no luck.

Check out the following collection of teenager job tips and resources . . .

Teen Employment Resources

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How Old Do You Have to Be to Work? - How old do you have to be to get a job depends federal law, state laws, and on the policies of the employer in question. This page also includes the minimum age requirements for a number of popular employers.

Teen Job Search - This page includes important resources such as questions every teenager should consider prior to undertaking a job search along with resources on where to search for a teen job.

How to Get HIred - Top tips for landing that teen job.

Teen Resumes - Do teens need resumes? How do you write a resume when you have no job experience? See this page for teen resume tips, help, and more. [Coming Soon]

Seasonal Winter Jobs - Contains a list of ideas for both seasonal and indoor teen employment.

Summer Jobs for Teens - Ideas for the best summer jobs for teenagers - tips on finding suitable and enjoyable employment and how to lay the groundwork for future success.

Worst Summer Jobs for Teenagers - The worst teen summer jobs aren't necessarily the lowest paying ones. Rather, the jobs to seriously consider avoiding are those with the worst safety record. Learn more here.

Teen Work Success - Work success is much more than simply keeping a job or keeping out of trouble at work. Employment, especially in the teen years, is a golden opportunity to lay the groundwork for future success. This is an important page for both teens and parents to read.

How to Quit Your Job - What are the best ways to leave a job? How a teen terminates his or her employment can be just as important as how he or she originally landed the job.