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Financial Basics Quiz:
A Financial Fitness Check-Up

Even with a great amount of information available, some financial basics are still a mystery to families.

In many cases, it is simply a case of not knowing what you don't know. But how do figure out what you and your family need to focus on? How do you improve your family financial literacy?

One quick way to get started is to take a quick quiz. I hear the groans, but it really doesn't get much simpler or faster than this. With ten simple yes-or-no questions, you can get a financial fitness check-up. Designed by the Financial Literacy Center, this quick quiz will help you get a handle on areas that you where you might need to focus.

Just knowing what your next step will be can be a big help. Whether it's doing a family budget or learning more about credit and loans, this quiz will is a five minute way to assess where you stand so you can move forward. It is really designed for the adults in the house, but it can be interesting to have each person take it separately. You might learn some interesting things about how much each one of you knows about family money management and how far along you are in your family financial literacy.

Why not get started now?

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