Do You Need
A Custom Lemonade Stand?

Do you need a custom lemonade stand? As tempting as it is to have a cool design and construct a kids' lemonade stand, it can be time-consuming and expensive.

custom lemonade stand

It may be worth waiting to buy or build something elaborate until you know whether it will really be used. The best way to figure that out is to just get started in your lemonade stand business.

What is the best way to get started without a fully constructed custom lemonade stand? Here are some options that can work really well. Pick the one that works for you depending on where you are setting up the stand.

  • A card table. This option works best if the stand is either close to home or far enough away that all the other supplies are being packed into a car or truck for transport. They are a little awkward to haul in a wagon down the street. A table provides a great surface for serving and displaying price lists and other goodies for sale.
  • Wagons and coolers. Great options that are easier to manage and hard to damage. The wagon can transport supplies - which can either be packed in the cooler or separately - and be used as a serving table. A cooler with wheels on one end and a handle on the other works especially well. This may be the best choice for stands to be set up within walking distance. You can even have a "Moving Lemonade Stand" that takes a tour around the neighborhood.
  • Plastic milk crates. These are often readily available because they are good for stacking and storing stuff around the house. They are durable and have handles so that supplies can be carried in them. The crates can then be turned upside down to construct a table or make-shift kids' lemonade stand.

No matter which option is selected, there are opportunities to make a good presentation. And a great setup will make any stand look like a custom lemonade stand! Consider these alternatives and suggestions:

  • Tablecloths. Using a tablecloth or some sort of covering will help give a unified appearance. Plus, it can hide various supplies and help the stand look neat and organized.
  • Coordinated supplies. Even using all white cups and napkins (which don't need to be expensive) can make a kids lemonade stand look great.
  • A clean area. Nothing makes a better impression than a clean area. It gives customers confidence in the business and products - and they are more likely to buy.
  • Well-labeled signs. These don't need to be fancy or expensive. In fact, there is some appeal in having them made by hand so that they have a personal stamp on them. But, it is important that they be clean, legible and easy to read.
  • Unique products. Customers expect good lemonade. But they are always pleasantly surprised by the extras (or even surprising lemonade recipes). These niceties can show a dedication to the business and customers. See the "Nice Touches" section of this supply checklist for suggestions.

When you get your custom lemonade stand ready to go, be sure to share your lemonade stand pictures and stories here!

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