Chores for Kids (and Teens) Overview

Tips, Guidelines, and Resources for Creating and Maintaining a Successful Chore Program

Chores for kids . . . the time-tested method of teaching kids how to work, be responsible, and contribute to the family.

chores for kids

Who doesn't remember having chores growing up?

Even though lots of things are different from when their parents grew up, kids today still have the same need to learn the basic life lessons that chores are a key part of:

The value of working

Parents view chores as a way to teach kids that they have responsibilities as members of the household. Kids think of chores as stuff their parents think up to keep them from having fun. Ultimately, though, having household responsibilities are really about learning a key life lesson that should start at home.

Chores are usually the first work a kid does (paid or not) and may be the first real responsibility they have. Most of these lessons apply to many other things in life: schoolwork, sports and eventually paid work outside of the house.

Why not get kids off to a good start by teaching them at home through chores for kids?

Here are some great resources to get started . . .

Chores for Kids Resources

Teen Chore Success Program - Learn to implement your own successful teen chore program. Simplify and de-stress your life while at the same time helping your teen build an important foundation for a successful transition to adulthood.

Should Children Do Chores? - Are chores outmoded? Should you assign regular tasks and duties to your child? Learn the benefits of chores, why parents sometimes struggle with assigning chores, and how to begin.

Age Appropriate Chores - The best chores for children are those they can do well. See age appropriate chore lists by age group for specific ideas.

Chores for Teens - What are some common chores for teens? Because of the individuality of teens and specific family situations, there's no one-size-fits-all answer. But this page will give you some good ideas which can be adapted to address the needs of your own family.

Teen Chore Contract - If traditional chore charts aren't working with your teen, it might be time to go the more grown up route and establish a chore contract. Here's how.

Teen Chore Contract Supplement - Need to make seasonal or special one time adjustments to your teen chore contract? It's going to be a lot easier on everyone involved if you use a supplement instead of a complete redesign. Includes example and blank downloadable and printable forms you can use yourself.

Chore Charts - One of the biggest challenges with chores is tracking them to make sure they get done. Charts can be a terrific solution. See this page for various free printable chore charts for kids and teens.

Family Chore Charts - If charts are great for kids, why not consider using them for the entire family? They will probably make the whole household run more smoothly. Includes a downloadable family chore chart sample.

Chores for Kids in the Summer - Need some ideas on adjusting household chore schedules during the summer months when everyone's schedules are in flux? Here are some creative strategies you can use, from smart ways to adjust chore assignments to ideas for making chores more fun.

Chores for Teens in the Summer - More resources and ideas for balancing chores and personal schedules during the summer, this time involving your teen. Is your teen already working? See tips and ideas here.

Chores for Kids - Conclusion

Use these resources and make it fun where you can. Chores are about preparing kids for the future, but it doesn't need to be a drag - for either you or them.

Most importantly - get started.

As with any skill or lesson, the earlier and more consistently the message is heard (and experienced), the more likely it is to be learned.