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Chores for Kids and Teens:
A Guide to Creating a Program

Chores for kids and teens seem like such a simple thing to get started on. At least it seems simple until you actually try to get started on a program beyond the weekly (or daily!) request to have them clean their rooms.

There are plenty of helpful ideas throughout the site including ideas for kids of all ages and chores for teens. There are also downloadable chore charts and teen chore contracts. My challenge was that I wanted you to have it all in one place so you could refer to it whenever you needed. Sure, you could print out the web pages and keep them in a nice stack. Or you could run to the computer and look up the stuff you couldn't remember (who has the time right then)? But sometimes don't you just want it all in one handy place?

PLUS, I wanted you to have information for all ages so you didn't have to keep going back, rethinking or completely redoing. That's where "Chores for Kids and Teens: How to Start and Manage Your Own Chore Program" comes in.

This helpful 24 page chore guide contains the chore information you need in one place. It will work for any age (or many ages) and includes:

  • the benefits to kids of doing chores
  • ideas for kids' chores by age
  • teen chores, plus
  • blank and completed samples of chore charts and teen chore contracts

Chores for Kids and Teens: How to Start and Manage Your Own Chore Program is only $7.00 and downloadable immediately. Are you ready to jumpstart your chore program? Isn't it time to get a great resource to help you do just that?

If Chores for Kids and Teens: How to Start and Manage Your Own Chore Program feels right for you, I hope you will take this step. It truly will help you move forward with the goals you have set for you and your family. I believe it to be a valuable resource that you will be able to use year after year.

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