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What Are The
Best Chores For Children?

The best chores for children are those that they can do - and do well. These kids' chores should not only just consider what needs to be done around the house but also focus on the positive aspects of chores, including building self-esteem and contributing to the family (for more positives, click here).

chores for children

Having age appropriate chores means that you can't give a 5 year-old the chore of mowing the lawn. Or that your preteen just picks up his sports gear. You need to match the chores to the kids. Here are some suggestions by age to get you started.

In the beginning: Ages 2-3
Surprise! Even kids this young can do basic tasks to help around the house. Focus on making these kids' chores things that are part of everyday life instead of just being weekly extra tasks. Options for kids this age:

  • Pick up and put away toys.
  • Dressing themselves and putting dirty clothes in hamper.
  • Help clean up spills.
  • Dust - best done with a microfiber cloth or a Swiffer duster.
The next step: Ages 4-6
At this age, kids may even like to help around the house. Be sure to consider this when assigning chores. Suggestions for the best chores for children this age:
  • Any of the chores for the younger ages.
  • Cleaning their rooms.
  • Making their beds.
  • Setting and clearing the table.
  • Empty trash around the house.
  • Water outside plants and garden.

Ready for more: Ages 7-9
With some basic chore skills under their belts plus the advantage of being a few years older, kids in this group are ready for more responsibility and the next level of chores. Ideas for kids this age:

  • Any of the chores for the younger ages.
  • Sort laundry for washing.
  • Sweep floors.
  • Weed the garden or flower beds.
  • Help put away groceries.
  • Pour own cereal and make sandwiches.

Getting into the tweens: Ages 10 and older
This is where age appropriate chores can make a real difference in how smoothly (or not) the house can run. The chores that kids in this age group can do start to get more and more into those things that you might even pay others to do. If your children is ready to move on to this stage, check out the chores for tweens here.

Check out our chore charts to get some ideas for your kids. And, if you have a teen where a chore chart doesn't seem to quite fit anymore, be sure to flip on over to the section on teen chores and the page on teen chore contracts. Or for a great reference for all ages (including chore charts), check out this chore guide.

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