Chore Charts

Free Printable Chore Charts For Kids

Why printable chore charts? One of the biggest challenges in having kids do chores is tracking chores to be sure they get done. One of the best ways is through charts. They are easy to use and don't leave room for kids saying that they didn't know what they were supposed to do. They also don't require much preparation for parents.

How to Make Your Own Children's Chore Charts

free printable chore charts for kids

Looking for ideas on making your own charts?

Even if you have a good age appropriate chore list for your younger kids or a good teen chore list, you still might be a little stumped when it comes to making a chart of your own. That's where having some ideas and examples can help.

Here then are some ideas to get you started designing your own charts:

  • Write the chores in short, active phrases. The fewer words the better as long as the chore is understood by everyone. You can also just use pictures for younger kids.
  • Provide places to check the chores off the list.
  • Allow extra space for new chores to be added to the chore lists. These might be new ones each week or they can be ones that are added when special situations arise, such as if you're expecting company.
  • Don't try to be perfect. Your goal is to get started. You can make changes as you learn new things about what works in your house and with your kids.
  • Make the chore list so that it can be posted where everyone can see it - on a refrigerator door, for example.

Free Printable Chore Charts

Still need some help? Here are some free chore charts in PDF format that can be downloaded and printed.

Each chart has a place at the top for a name, date or both.

More Kid and Teen Chore Resources

If you try the teen chore chart and you're still having trouble getting your teen to do chores, you might consider a couple of alternatives: a teen chore contract or a complete teen chore program.

If you need some suggestions for chores to include on your chart, check out our age appropriate chores for kids page or the page on teen chores.

Want to get the whole family involved? Family chore charts allow you to lead by example while at the same time making sure all the important household tasks get done.

Finally, once you have the chore lists and charts handled, you are well on the way to getting them done. Be sure to review the chores and expectations on how well the jobs are to be done with your kids. It can be frustrating for everyone to find a job that is done - but not to parent standards.