Cartoons About Money

Teaching Kids About Money
With Comic Books and Cartoons

Cartoons about money? Teaching kids about money with comic books? Not exactly what a parent would expect when it comes to financial education.

The Federal Reserve intends to change that.

You can now find 8 comic books on a variety of money topics for kids at their site. You can order most of the comics or view them online.

The bulk order option is a great idea for schools and teachers while viewing online via pdf might work best for parents and families/

Below are are direct links to the pdfs of three of the titles (for viewing or downloading):

  • Wishes and Rainbows - Comic book children's story about the introduction of colored flowers into a town that has never seen color. Designed to stimulate students' imagination as they explore the economic problem of scarce resources, various methods of allocation, and how societies react to alleviate such problems. A teacher's guide, The Road To Roota, is also available.
  • The Story of Banks - Follows three young entrepreneurs as they use progressively more sophisticated bank services over a 23-year period. Also explores the role of checking deposits and lending in money creation.
  • Great Minds Think - Teaches the basic concepts of financial decision making in an informative, fun way including lessons on earning, spending, opportunity cost, budget basics and saving.

Finding new fun ways to teach kids about money can be challenging at times, but these comic books can really be a great find. They may not be the only resource you need but they will be a nice addition to your kids' financial library.