Babysitting Tips and Resources

Welcome to the Babysitting Tips and Resources page. For the mature teen or preteen who enjoys interacting with younger children, babysitting can be an ideal vocation since it encourages the practice of both personal and financial responsibility.

If the lemonade stand is a classic kid business, then babysitting is the same business opportunity for preteens and teens.

Check out the following collection of babysitting tips and resources . . .

Tips, Resources, and More
for the Young Professional Babysitter

Babysitting Crafts and Fun Ideas Guide - Take babysitting to the next level, entertain kids, impress parents, and outshine other sitters by incorporating crafts into your babysitting. Here's everything you need to know.

Babysitting Guidelines - Babysitting can be a great fit and opportunity for the right personality. But it's not for everyone. Here are 7 key questions every young person considering a babysitting career, business, or job should ask themselves.

Babysitting Jobs - How to start, maintain, and grow a successful babysitting business. Includes a practical overview, proactive tips, and babysitting flyer and business card examples.

Babysitting Safety - Babysitting safety is the most important part of a babysitter's job. Includes lots of hints and tips, plus a free downloadable emergency contact information form.

Good Babysitting Techniques - Learn to make babysitting easier by being prepared. Includes an extensive list of strategies and tips for all aspects of babysitting - before the job, on the job, and after the job.

Fun Babysitting Ideas - Free list of fun and unique ideas for babysitting plus many other babysitting resources. Learn how to create a personal fun babysitting idea kit and how to spend time with kids creatively.

Babysitting Activities - Babysitting activities are the backbone of great babysitting. Take yours to the next level by planning a themed babysitting event. Learn how with these resources.

Babysitting Games - More games, activities, and themes for babysitters. Check out the full list here.