Babysitting Crafts
and Fun Ideas Guide

Who Gets the Best Babysitting Jobs?
The OK Babysitter . . . or the GREAT Babysitter?

Whether you're a babysitter, or the parent of one, how prepared are you for babysitting success?

The successful babysitter:

  • Demonstrates confidence
  • Entertains children easily
  • Impresses parents
  • Gets referrals effortlessly
  • Outshines other sitters
  • Earns more
  • Stays in demand
  • Learns crucial money management skills
  • Gains valuable life experiences that sets the stage for future success

The Secret to Babysitting Success

Ready for one of the most important rules for successful babysitting?

Keep the kids busy and engaged!

Engagement is different from entertainment. It's much more than just watching television or playing video games. If you want to be a standout babysitter (or encourage your teen or preteen babysitter to become one), you're going to need some specific ideas for creative, engaging, and enriching activities.

But sometimes knowing which crafts and babysitting activities to plan isn't that easy, especially if you don't have a lot of experience.

That's where Babysitting Activities: Crafts for Every Season can help. This handy guide full of craft ideas is specifically designed to be used over and over...and you'll want to keep it around for all your babysitting jobs.

fun babysitting ideas guide
Babysitting Crafts - Buy Now - Immediate Download

Why Babysitting Crafts?

Fun babysitting ideas that include practical craft projects are the prepared babysitter's best friend for a number of reasons:

  • They make the babysitting job go more smoothly - good for the kids, good for the parents, and especially good for the babysitter!
  • They help keep a babysitter's services in demand - parents LOVE to know their kids are engaging in creative learning activities while they're gone.
  • They lead to more babysitting jobs and higher rates - The more parents are comfortable with a babysitter, the more they'll hire that babysitter...and recommend that sitter to friends.
  • They make brilliant marketing tools - At the end of the babysitting job, the babysitter goes home. But the crafts and the kid creations remain in the home and serve as a constant reminder of the responsible, proactive, and entertaining babysitter who cared enough to help make them.

Have the right crafts ready to go, be the babysitter the kids love to talk about, and your babysitting success is assured!

What You Get with Babysitting Activities: Crafts for Every Season

In this easy to use official 27 page Guide from Money and Kids you get:

  • Highly entertaining crafts and projects - allows the babysitter to engage the kids and impress the parents
  • Suitable craft ideas for all ages - useful for any babysitting job or situation, whether the babysitting involves toddlers or older kids
  • A wealth of craft choices - fun babysitting ideas and activities that can be used again and again, job after job, month after month
  • Craft projects for every season - always be prepared with a new and timely craft project
  • Projects for every holiday - including Mother's Day (even more opportunity to impress parents!)
  • Easy step-by-step instructions for ALL projects - easy for the sitter, easy for the kids
  • Resource lists and suggestions for your supply needs - practical advice on what you need, where to get it, and how to keep your expenses to a minimum
  • Convenient, secure, and immediate access - For your convenience and security, Babysitting Activities: Crafts for Every Season is available for immediate and secure download
  • Full 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee - risk free offer fully guaranteed by Money and Kids, a trusted online resource since 2007 dedicated to helping parents raise financially empowered kids

Fun AND Practical

Babysitting Activities: Crafts for Every Season is organized for quick reference:

  • No flipping through endless pages trying to find the perfect craft for tonight's job.
  • No worrying about whether a babysitting idea or craft is right for a toddler . . . or better for a third grader.
  • No need to research and assemble all this material yourself. And who actually has time for that anyway?
fun babysitting ideas guide

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How much is a successful babysitting business worth? Or, if you're the parent of a babysitter, how much is a successful, confident, financially responsible pre-teen or teenager worth?

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