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Allowance Coach:
A Helping Hand

Hiring an allowance coach can help you get started or even refine one of the most important pieces of your kids' money education. Why? Because even the best intentions can get caught up in the demands that everyone has - and allowance basics can be hard to follow through on. This is especially true for busy families.

What does an allowance coach do?
Think of this coach like a personal money trainer focused on this one part of your financial life. In that respect, they are like other personal trainers. They use tools and exercises to get the best performance out of their "athletes."

And, they help their students or clients get past the stumbling blocks that can get in the way. In this case, a coach for kids' allowances is a mentor to help you (and your kids) develop or refine an allowance. This can include figuring out how much an allowance should be, what expenses everyone will be responsible for and how to manage the tracking of it all. If an allowance is going to be tied to chores or other responsibilities, the coach can help outline those tasks and gain agreement on the tasks.

Why would you need an allowance coach?
Who doesn't need a personal trainer to get them on track now and again? There are those few, dedicated folks who manage to go to the gym year-round. And there are plenty of families who have mastered allowances and kids' money.

But then there are plenty of us that can use a little help getting or staying track. That's where coaches or personal trainers come into the picture. Here are some examples of what a coach can do for kids' allowances:

  • Design a new plan. This can be anything from a brand-new plan when you've never had one or an revamped plan when your tween gets their own clothing budget.
  • Review an existing plan that doesn't seem to working. Got a plan but it isn't working and want a neutral review? Coaches can be a great way to do this.
  • Help you figure out how to stay on track with your plan. Sometimes getting started isn't the problem - it's sticking with it. This is where coaches can really come in handy.

Do any of these fit your family needs? Take a moment to think about it. Your needs will determine how much (or how little) coaching will cost.

Then just fill out the contact form, and we'll get started. I'd love to work with you!

Allowance Coaching - Contact Form
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First Name*
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What can I do to help you?*
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Review and suggest changes to our current allowance program
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Details on the type of help you need*
Amount of allowance
What spending the allowance should cover
Managing allowances for more than one child
What chores should be done for allowance
Additional details: please provide ages of kids and if there is a family budget limit on the allowance amount*

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