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Money and Kids is your online resource designed to help you give your kids (of all ages) a strong foundation in financial literacy.

From money basics and that first allowance to tween and teen entrepeneuriship and everything in between, be sure to check out all the resources this site offers.

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About Brad Castro

Brad Castro

My name is Brad Castro, and I operate three additional websites on topics which interest me a great deal:

  • Great Option Trading Strategies - Don't let the name scare you. This is a very unique site that emphasizes conservative option strategies as a way to enhance one's long term investments. It's very much for investors, not speculators or gamblers.
  • USA Bankruptcy Guide - Filling a sadly necessary need, this online guide provides free, impartial, and non-judgmental information on a state by state basis for those facing the grueling choice of personal bankruptcy.

    True, there are many who find themselves with no other alternative to filing bankruptcy due to poor financial decisions, but in precarious and uncertain economic times like these, there are just as many who end up in the same place due to unexpected medical debt, job loss, etc.

  • Real Austin Texas - A fun site that's both travel guide and local entertainment directory for one of my favorite places in the world - my hometown of Austin, Texas.

    You can see here 7 reasons to choose Austin for your next Texas family vacation, or if you already happen to live here, be sure to sign up to receive the most comprehensive electronic calendar of monthly Austin events and festivals.

My Financial Background

I don't have a dramatic rags-to-riches biography.

I was the child of blue collar parents who believed in hard work, education, and finding ways to better yourself through personal initiative.

One huge positive growing up was that there was a definite aversion toward credit card debt in my family (my dad grew up poor in rural Oklahoma in the long shadow of the Great Depression).

I believe that the American Dream is, metaphorically speaking, less about winning the lottery and accumulating lots of stuff than it is about building a sound financial foundation from which you can gain greater control and freedom in your life.

Both my parents gave me a better childhood than the ones they had. With my own four year old, I'm striving to continue that tradition, passing on the best of what I've learned, and then encouraging him to add to and discover his own insights.

Money and Kids is part of that personal journey, and one that I hope as well may be of some help to you and the kids in your life on your own journey.

Hoping you prosper in all areas of your life -

Brad Castro