Halloween Candy:
Trick or Treat...and Treat

It seems like trick-or-treaters get older each year. Must be the Halloween candy. And, boy, does it take more and more candy to get through the Halloween night crowds. Depending on your neighborhood, you might even get visitors from all around - not just from the couple of streets around you.

Halloween Candy

What are the options to cut one of the biggest Halloween costs? Plenty.

Halloween treats - snacks and candy
If you want to stick to the tried-and-true food options, first consider buying in bulk. Lots of retailers have large bags of mixed, pre-packaged candy on sale during the Halloween season. If the first store you go to doesn't have a sale, got to the next one. This time of year the candy sales should be easy to find.

If you belong to a warehouse club, Costco or Sam's for example, look for bulk items - and not just candy. Look for lunch-size versions of cookies, graham crackers or popcorn. Things like 2-pack Oreos, grab bag versions of chocolate chips cookies or caramel for dipping apples. Some of them even have these items in Halloween packaging.

What won't fly? Unfortunately, homemade treats don't make good handouts. You likely won't know all the kids who come to the door - just as they won't remember who gave them the homemade goodies. And those treats will end up on the trash. Save these treats for school or for parties at your house.

If you can swing it without too much groaning or begging for candy of their own, take your kids. It's a good chance for them to see how much Halloween candy they can get for the least money. Make it a game by taking along a calculator and paper to write down who can go to the lowest with the most.

Halloween tricks - toys and novelties
For a twist on the traditional handouts of Halloween candy, be sure to check local toy or teacher supply stores. Nearly every kid I know (or see at my door) has more candy than they will be able to eat. Why not add something a little less sweet to their bags?

US Toy is a great option. They have regular spider rings for less than $2 for 144 rings (or less than $3 for the glowing option), pick-up sticks for about $4 per dozen, mini-Halloween mugs for less than $3 per dozen and lots of other novelties.

If there's not a US Toy in your area, you still have time to order off their website. Maybe these ideas and suggestions will spark Halloween candy and non-candy ideas of your own. Let us know your great ideas by clicking here.

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