Christmas Spending and
Christmas Budgeting

Christmas spending is often a big question mark for lots of people whether you are a consumer or a retailer. Christmas budgeting is a key part of family budgeting - whether during the holiday season or throughout the year.

The good news is there are more options than in years past to get good deals and come up with creative ideas to keep everyone in the holiday spirit.

Holiday Budgeting and What Kids Need to Know
Holiday spending seems stressful enough - add to that trying to teach your kids about money, and it can be really stressful. But it doesn't have to be.

This is a great time to reinforce money lessons you've been working on the rest of the year (or to start teaching them). At almost no other time will the list of stuff to buy be so long - or the need to stay on a budget as high. Use it to your advantage in helping your kids understand that money does run out and you can't make more. Check out this page to get some ideas on how to manage through this process.

Family Christmas traditions: a different way to save
When people think of family Christmas traditions, they don't usually think of Christmas spending or Christmas budgeting. Traditions are about baking cookies or decorating the tree. And, usually, traditions are free but more meaningful than almost anything that can be bought. Why not start your own family Christmas traditions - and benefit from saving money at the same time? Here are some ideas on family Christmas traditions to start this year - for free!

Kid gift ideas - and some for teens, too
These aren't your traditional gift ideas. Think outside the box. Figure out a theme or even an experience instead of getting this year's Tickle-Me-Elmo. Creative juices at a standstill because of all that eggnog? Check out our list of suggestions.

Gift ideas for the kids to give others
Kids need to give gifts, too. Not just because it's a nice thing to do. But because gifts for their teachers and their friends should be managed by them. This is true even if the money for these gifts is coming from the family holiday budget. But how do you get them involved? Take a look at our thoughts on the subject.

Be sure to check around all of these resources - there is something for everyone here. And if you have some ideas to add or think we missed something on Christmas spending or Christmas budgeting, let us know!

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