Reasons to Volunteer:
Kid and Teen Inspirations

There are so many reasons to volunteer.

reasons to volunteer

The key to finding your reason to be a youth volunteer (or help your child become one) is to focus on what you have a passion about. It could be finding a service that is not being provided in your area or because you have been touched personally by someone or something.

The kids featured below found their reasons to volunteer in all different forms. Check out their youth volunteer stories for some inspiration of your own.

Heavenly Hats
The Heavenly Hats Foundation collects and distributes brand new hats of all kinds to people of all ages who lose their hair due to the cancer treatment or other medical conditions which may cause hair loss. Heavenly Hats was founded by teenager Anthony Leanna when he was only 10 years old. Since it began in 2001, Heavenly Hats has distributed more than 350,000 brand-new hats to hundreds of hospitals and clinics around the United States.

Kids Saving the Rain Forest
Janine Licare lives in the Costa Rican rainforest. When she was 9 ½ years old, Janine Licari and her friend set up a roadside stand to earn extra money. While they were originally doing this for spending money, they soon decided to use it for something bigger: to help save the rainforest.

Ashlee's Toy Closet
Ashlee Smith was only 8 years old when she decided that the child victims of natural disasters, such as wildfires, needed help just as much as the adults. To help out, she created Ashlee's Toy Closet which collects and donates toys to kids who have been affected by natural disasters.

RandomKid was co-founded by Talia Leman when she was 10 years old and united kids across the U.S. to collect $10 million for Hurrican Katrina/Rita relief. RandomKid has continued to grow and help all kids realize how they can help others.

Hives for Lives
Molly and Carly Houlahan, ages 17 and 15, started “Hives for Lives” four years ago after their grandfather died of throat cancer. They wanted to do this as a way to honor him by raising money to find a cure in a very special way. Remembering their grandfather's love of his bee hives and the honey harvest, they decided to sell the honey and donate the proceeds to charities that help fight cancer.

These are just some of the great ideas and reasons that other youth volunteers have found for their passions. If you are looking for even more encouragement and youth volunteer stories, check out the Amazing Kids website or take a look at 77 Creative Ways Kids Can Serve by Sondra Clark.

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