Summer Household Chores:
Family Chore Challenges

It's summer! And it's time for....summer household chores!

That may not be the first thing that comes to mind when summer hits. Summer is more about Little League ball games, swimming, cookouts...the list just goes on and on. It can be hard not to think of chores as a drag when there are so many summer activities waiting for you.

But there are still family chores that need to be done. How do you balance the household chore list with everything else? You get creative.

Start by thinking about family chores as if you didn't already have household chore list or family chore charts. Challenge yourself to think about what absolutely must be done on a daily and weekly basis. Here are some questions to ask yourself in this challenge:

  • What daily chores do you or other family members just dread? Are you doing them "just in case" you have company? If you do have company during the summer, will they be in that part of the house? Can you do certain things in advance of having others in instead of every day or week?
  • What weekly chores fall into the same category? The grass is going to have to be mowed eventually. As summer goes on (at least where I live), grass growing and mowing slows down. But at the beginning of summer it is a weekly task.
  • Look at the chores in these two categories and see what:
    • can be done less frequently or not at all. Can the floors get vacuumed every other week instead of once a week? Can everyone stop making their beds on the weekends?
    • can be done by someone else. Can you get a neighborhood kid who is starting his own lawn mowing business to mow your yard for a price you are willing to pay?

  • What family activities can you move outside? Can you cook on the grill and eat outdoors on recycled paper plates so that there are fewer dishes and less clean-up overall?
  • Can you change your habits to do things differently? For instance, can you move part of your weekend chore list into the week (or the other way around) depending on whether you have a week crammed with baseball games or you want to spend your weekends at the lake? As an example, during the summer I do some laundy every day instead of trying to do it all on the weekend. In the winter, when I don't want to go outside, I don't mind doing it at one time.
  • Can you barter with a neighbor to exchange chores? You may enjoy working outside, but your neighbor would rather vacuum and dust. If you can be doing household chores that you enjoy the most, it won't be as hard to do them. Plus, you have the added motivation of helping someone out (and them helping you).

Once you get through with all those questions, write your household chore list or family chore chart with the goal of minimizing it so you can enjoy all those summer activities you've been waiting for!

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