Finding Cheap Family Cruises That Are Fun!

Cruises are one of the hottest family-friendly ways to have fun during your vacation. But, just like everything else, it can be costly for a family. How do you find cheap family cruises? Here are some ways to help you plan family vacation on a budget...and still have fun!

cheap family cruises

Remember that cheap family vacations doesn’t necessarily mean having one that is below standard.

Many cruise lines are beginning to cater to families because they are more likely to spend money on a vacation if there is something for everyone to do in one place.

One way to attract families is to offer incentives, and that is what cruise lines are doing.

Tip #1: Do your own research on the Internet - even if you don't book it there. It is a marketplace of information. You don’t necessarily have to book a cruise this way (especially if you are a first-time cruiser), but you can perform all of your legwork without leaving the house.

You can figure out where you want to go, what there is for everyone to do and what extra activities are included. You can also check out cruise line sites to find out which ships offer the best overall package for cheap family cruises. These websites also detail deals that they have for families depending on where you are going and how many are in your party.

Tip #2: Work with a travel agent familiar with cruising. They are a valuable resource for you. Tell them what you want (from your research), and they can work with you to find the perfect cruise getaway. Be sure to tell them about any deals you've found online from Tip #1 as well as your goal of finding cheap family cruises. Agents usually have contacts at the cruise lines and can usually get an even better deal than the online ones.

Tip #3: Don't have transportation to the port of departure in the package. If you live close to a port of departure, opt to drive instead of fly. Cutting out airfare can greatly reduce the cost per person for a cruise. You can use the money you saved from this for better staterooms or other parts of your family vacation on a budget.

Tip #4: Live on the edge and consider booking at the last minute. There is something to be said for booking family vacations on a budget at the last minute. Ships that aren’t full may run specials to increase their numbers before time to sail. This option is best for those who have flexible schedules as well as having done all of their research. With last minute reservations, there is no time to change your mind after you’ve signed on the dotted line. If you know the who, where, when and how, you can save a lot of money using this tip.

Tip #5: Get as much included in one price as you can. Many ships are all-inclusive. The cost of everything you need - rooms, meals and certain activities - is part of one fee. Shore excursions, spa treatments and a few other things may be additional charges. Build your vacation itinerary around the included options to get the best of cheap family cruises and stay on your family budget.

Using any one or some combination of these tips can help you find cheap family cruises while still having a great time.

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